Benefits of Yoga

My Yoga will nurture and support you on a physical

as well as mental level.


Benefits of Yoga are:


Reduced Stress

Increased Stamina of Mind and Body

Increased Sexual Desire and Stamina

Improved flexibility through stretches, Yoga postures and Breath

Promotes Weight Loss

Increased Core Strength

Improved Circulation

Improved Productivity

Improved Concentration, Focus and Awareness

Increased Confidence,

Decreased Mind Chatter,


Relief from symptom’s of Arthritis, Strengthen Knees, opened hips….


gradual steps of self discovery and many more


Yoga. A study in the December 20, 2005 Annals of Internal Medicine found that yoga relieves low back pain better than conventional exercise or self-help books.


Ask yourself:

Who is your best friend?                                                                 You are!

Who has the most influence on you?                                             You do!

Who do you have access to 24/7?                                                    You do!

Who knows you better than yourself?                                            You do!


Listen to your best friend and begin the practice of Yoga now!


A Yoga practice will give you a life filled with joy, strength, flexibility, increased stamina, sexual vitality, improved circulation, core strength, confidence, enthusiasm, happiness, productivity, prosperity; a focused, quiet and aware mind.


Allow yourself to be free of stiffness, pain, weakness, a lackluster sex life, excess weight, a scattered mind, lack of energy, poor circulation, fatigue, a gloomy outlook on daily life, a life filled with stress and anxiety.